Sunday, July 8, 2012

So Tired...

I'm coming back, I promise. What can I say, this summer has been quite busy, and lately, those occasional moments of free time have been devoted to sleeping rather than blogging. Plus, chasing a toddler is quite tiring too, so I feel justified in my napping. All that to say, here's a "tired" song that has been stuck in my head today. Another classic tune written by lead singer Ray Davies, "Tired of Waiting for You" was a big hit for The Kinks, reaching #1 in the UK and #6 in the US. I like how drummer Mick Avory subtly checks his watch at 1:00 into this clip, however, the hydraulic lift he's on would personally make me a little nervous (yeah, that's why those girls are screaming...). On that note, I'm off to hit the hay.


  1. Are you pregnant? One of my sisters is....!

    1. Ha, that's a scary thought! This one kiddo is about all I can handle for now. So which sister?!! Emily? I'm assuming Kate's done. Anyway, very exciting!!

      I think I've figured out my sleepy problem. I've been doing more reading lately during Zoe's nap but it almost always makes me fall asleep! If I work on my computer, I think it stimulates my brain so that I don't notice if I'm sleepy. Who knows...